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Sweet Blends Premium Chocolate Powder - 1kg




Sweet Blends Premium Chocolate Powder 

We all enjoy consuming chocolate in a variety of ways; occasionally, we prefer it uncooked, occasionally, we like it in our cuisine, and sometimes, we want it in our beverages. For instance, hot chocolate in the cold winters and chocolate shake in the hot summers are the two tastiest things ever. And adding cocoa to your favorite iced coffee gives it a delicious flavor and adds a refreshing touch.

The greatest cocoa for your preferred beverage is available, thanks to Sweet Blends' premium chocolate powder. When mixed with any beverage, the premium chocolate powder tastes delicious and gives the consumer a pleasing experience. You can add it to your coffee, shakes and other beverages,

This fine chocolate by sweet blends premium chocolate powder is best for adding to any beverage of your choice. The premium and dense hot chocolate made with this premium chocolate powder also satisfy the sweet demands of chocolate lovers.


  • It is made with 30% cocoa 
  • This premium drinking chocolate gives a soothing taste
  • Apart from hot chocolate, it can be used in any other beverage
  • Made with the finest quality of cocoa, hence gives a dense texture to the drink
  • This premium chocolate powder is the ultimate gift for all the chocoholics out there


Sweet Blends Premium Chocolate Powder - 1kg

Sweet Blends Premium Chocolate Powder - 1kg